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Track 1: Storm Cellar- Paz (2012, excerpt)
This is a fragment from a piece orchestrated for a larger chamber piece which is entitled, "The Fountainhead". I rearranged it for a double string quartet and is performed by the Tosca Strings. Paz is going to be part of a sound design for artist, Bayle Allen that will be integrated in an installation later in 2012.

Track 2: Duo for Violin and Piano (2003)
Leigh Mahoney on violin and Michelle Schumann played at Ruta Maya in Austin, Texas for a El Dia de los Muertos Concert.

Track 3: Amor Cronico - Title sequence  (2012)
This is a title track from the movie, Amor Cronico about Cuban singer, Cucu Diamantes and her musical life and times in Havana; co produced by Andres Levin and Sarah Green. Andres and I co-composed the musical score. Amor Cronico made its World Premiere at the Alamo Draft House South for the  SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX in 2012

Track 4: 7 Poems -  #4 (2008)
A collaboration with poet, Kim Christoff and composer, Stephen Barber for Coloratura - Cara Johnston and pianist, Carla Mc Elhaney. There will be a book published by Steve Zeifman with Rush Creek Editions in the Fall of 2012 with illustrations by Christoff accompanied by an audio cd and excerpts of Barber's score, as well.

Track 5: Entos (2003)
This piece for solo piano was written with the anticipation of the birth of my first son, Kade Reed Barber. It also makes an appearance in my score for Liz Lambert's documentary, "The Last Days of the San Jose."

Track 6: Hymn for T.S. Bruton (2010, excerpt)  
This hymn was written for my friend, Stephen Bruton after his passing and a good bit later. Stephen liked strong hymns. We actually co-wrote one for one of his albums we both produced called "Spirit Lake". This track is a sketch I recorded down at Carl Thiel's studio.

Track 7: Float Away (2010)
This track was co-written by my cousin, Carol Hall (Music Composer for Best little Whorehouse of Texas) and myself. We were graced to have singer, Blondie Chaplin (background vocalist for the Rolling Stones) to sing the track. We cut this track at David Boyle's Church House in Austin. The tune is light and fanciful.

Track 8: At Least I Have Seen Your Face
(2010, except)
I have always admired the music / lyrics of David Baerwald and David gave me these lyrics to set to music. Singer extraordinaire, Jennifer Warnes sings his piece. It is about a soldier whose spirit is leaving his/her body. I wanted to set the range lower to build an androgynous quality. She, as always, made something extraordinary. I added 3 harps played beautifully by harpist, Elaine Barber. We recorded "See Your Face" at Carl Thiel's studio in Austin, TX. 

Track 9: Love Is the Only Thing (We Did Wrong) (2011)
This song was originally conceived by Sahara Smith and Jake Owen and we did a spin on it. It is one of my favorites of these 12 tracks in its simplicity and heart and another Church House recording by David Boyle.

Track 10: Storm Cellar: Terror  (2012, excerpt)
This is the bookend to Track #1 only the contrast of the two.

Track 11: Gone Is The River (1990)
Gone Is The River was written after the release of Nelson Mandela and was a commission for Brass Quintet by the Meridian Arts Ensemble It had its World Premiere at the Union Theological Seminary James Chapel in New York City November 1st, 1990. 

Track 12: Molitva (A Hymn for the Monster Marimba)
Mallet virtuoso, Thomas Burritt commission this piece for an extended marimba. The Bulgarian word, molitva is translated as a prayer. 

Playlist: July 2012
Every month a new playlist will be added to the site spanning Stephen's entire catalog. To find out more about a specific track, please contact danielle.crisafulli@gmail.com
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